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15 Agoust in Farmhouse!
15 Agoust in Farmhouse!
Halloween on a farm houses
Halloween on a farm houses
The Plan de Corones has a lot of cities like Marebbe, Casies, Falzes, Terento and Brunico in Rienza. The natural landscape is various and suggestive. The Natural Parks Fanes
Braies and Vedrette of Res
Aurina are offering amazing natural landscapes surrounded by Dolomiti Mountains. Do not forget to have a tour in the top of Plan de Corones: at 12:00 pm is possible to listen the Concordia’s Bell!

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  • Subistentu (Cagliari)

    ночлег + завтрак
    Количество ночей 7 - Гости: 2

    196 Euro
  • Villa Grotta Monaca (Lecce)

    только ночлег
    Количество ночей 7 - Гости: 4

    431 Euro
  • Tenuta Quadrifoglio (Florence)

    только ночлег
    Количество ночей 2 - Гости: 2

    108 Euro
  • Residenza Bocci (Perugia)

    только ночлег
    Количество ночей 3 - Гости: 4

    360 Euro
  • Valle Del Metauro (Pesaro e Urbino)

    Количество ночей 7 - Гости: 4

    300 Euro
  • Borgo Casa Al Vento (Siena)

    Количество ночей 1 - Гости: 2

    160 Euro
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