Itinerary discovering Abruzzo and Molise


This week the staff of takes you to Abruzzo and Molise, an area where you can enjoy nature, art and entertainment. Abruzzo is characterized by different geographical landscapes, and tourism is the major asset. The itinerary will move along the Adriatic coast, to discover some of the most charming seaside towns of Italy.

Category: Culture, Nature
Length: 104 km
Means of transport: motorbike or car
Best on: Spring/Summer

Abruzzo and Molise have been united for 102 years until 1963, when they reached mutual independence through a referendum.
Local cuisine: maccheroni alla chitarra, arrosticini, porchetta
Wines: Cerasuolo, Montepulciano, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo.

The itinerary
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The stops


It is a city with many buildings which were rebuilt after the bombings of World War II. The best way to visit it is a walk through the streets of the old town, among which Corso Vittorio Emanuele is very important. Among the most interesting monuments there are the Cathedral of St. Cetteo, which hosts a work by Guercino, and the birthplace of the "Vate", poet Gabriele d'Annunzio.

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Francavilla al Mare is a seaside resort of great importance. Every year it is crowded with thousands of tourists attracted by natural beauty and an extremely livable atmosphere. The historic center of this small town (24000 inhabitants) is worth a visit because of several buildings in the Art Nouveau style. Among the most interesting monuments there are the Convent Michetti, a former Franciscan convent purchased by painter Francesco Michetti, Abruzzo, who made it his residence.

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Ortona is a town where you can admire different architectural remains dating back to Roman and medieval times. Most of these ruins are located in Terravecchia, in the northern part of the town. Among the most important places to visit there is Piazza San Tommaso, which overlooks the cathedral by the same name, dating back to the twelfth century and rebuilt after 1945.

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Vasto is a small town (about 40000 inhabitants) where you can admire some valuable works of art. These include the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, whose construction dates back to the eleventh century, and contains some paintings that were attributed to the great Titian. Vasto is also a very important seaside resort, equipped to welcome every year a large number of tourists.

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This town of Molise is very interesting because of its charming town center of medieval origins, which overlooks the sea in an area of ​​great visual impact. The most important civil building in the area is definitely the castle, whose construction dates back to the days of Frederick II. Another important monument in town is the Cathedral of San Basso, that was built in medieval times, and that represents an exquisite example of Romanesque style.

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