Itinerary discovering Calabria


Calabria is one of the most fascinating lands where to spend the holidays, especially if you love the sea. Its coasts and its islands are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy slow tourism and explore the surrounding nature.

Category: Culture, Nature
Length: 120 km
Means of transport: motorbike or car
Best on: Spring/Summer

In addition to the important archaeological remains, in Calabria you can enjoy the incomparable beauty of nature, thanks to national parks, including the one of Pollino, where you can go rafting at different levels.
Local cuisine: salt cod Cosenza, 'nduja, homemade macaroni
Wines: Red Bivongi, Bivongi novel, Pollina red.

The Itinerary
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The Stops


The city preserves enchanting monuments of its ancient history such as the dome, the Aragonese castle and many palaces and churches. Worthy of a visit are Riace bronzes in the National Museum and a romantic walk on the promenade.

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Villa San Giovanni, which has Greek-Roman origins, overlooks the Strait of Messina, and is rich in archaeological finds of great importance. Nearby, stunning beaches that make of Villa San Giovanni one of the most beautiful seaside areas of Calabria.

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The name of this site is linked to the Homeric poems which tell the story of Scilla, the nymph transformed by Circe into a monster, that terrorized the sailors in the Straits of Messina. Today the town is characterized by its beautiful views, the Ruffo castle that stands on the sea and the district of San Giorgio. On each side, a bay with beautiful beaches.

Gioia Tauro is a famous seaside resort known especially for the beauty of its sea and of its beaches. It is interesting to take a walk in the small and charming old city, full of interesting monuments and churches and in the Rimembranze Park, which offers a great view on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Here a stop at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola is a must. Other places of interest in this charming town are the cathedral, dating back to Norman and rebuilt after an earthquake in the late seventeenth century and the central Piazza Ercole, which extends to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the street where local life takes place. And of course remember to try the famous local onions!

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