Itinerary discovering Lombardy - Navigli


Today the staff of takes you along an itinerary of extreme fascination: Naviglio Pavese. Discovering the beauty of Lombardy through this trip is really a great opportunity to do some exercise in a natural setting of unparalleled beauty, with many important historical and artistic highlights.

Category: Culture, Nature
Length: 55 km
Means of transport: bike
Best on: Spring/Summer

Naviglio Pavese is one of the engineering works of Leonardo Da Vinci, who during his period of stay in Milan deeply affected the face of the city.
Local cuisine: cotoletta alla milanese, risotto alla milanese, salame di Varzi
Wines: Bonarda, Pinot Nero, Cruasè

The itinerary
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The stops


This cycle route starts from the Milan branch of Naviglio Pavese. The Navigli district in Milan is a small haven of culture and art, where you can experience an atmosphere where time seems to stand still, among beautiful courtyards and small workshops. Before leaving, the advice is to have something to eat at one of the many inns that overlook the canal, in order to begin to savor the beauty of the trail.

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Here it may be interesting to visit the Visconti Castle, a building erected in the fourteenth century in order to protect the city of Milan. A little artistic gem is the Church of Saints Baptist and Stephen the Martyr, whose architecture is linked to the Baroque style. Inside the church complex it is possible to admire a painting of St. Veronica, attributed to a member of the school of Bernardino Luini.

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The small town of Motta Visconti is characteristic mainly for its beautiful ecclesiastical architecture. Among the churches that are worth a visit there are the parish of St. John the Baptist, because of its attractive façade dating back to the Baroque period, and the Church of Santa Maria alla Fornace, where you can admire a beautiful chapel with several frescoes. The ideal time to visit Motta Visconti is June, when lots of events are organized on the occasion of the patron day.

Bereguardo is a small town (just over 2000 inhabitants) located in the northern part of the province of Pavia. This is a very pleasant place to visit, where nature and artistic highlights open the eyes of tourists in a triumph of peace and beauty. Among the most important architecture elements of the place there is undoubtedly the Visconti Castle, built in the fourteenth century by Luchino Visconti.

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The city of Pavia is one of the jewels of Lombardy. It is extremely popular because of its livability, through which you can experience tranquility combined with a fervor of great cultural importance. Among the monuments not to be missed there is undoubtedly the Certosa, where you can find the remains of Ludovico il Moro and his wife Beatrice d'Este, and where you can see some moments of everyday life of the monks who still live there.

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