Itinerary discovering Sardinia


Starting from Sassari and arriving in Cagliari, you can discover the most intimate part of Sardinia: the town festivals, the deep contact with nature and the great value food and wine tradition.

Category: Culture, Nature
Length: 230 km
Means of transport: motorbike or car
Best on: Spring/Summer

In the Sardinian hinterland is likely to find places where the remains of the important past of the region are well preserved and visible to tourists: as a matter of fact, Sardinia is a land that was traversed by numerous historical events, and it can be really interesting to run through part of the events of our country by this route, which offers a very special side of this beautiful island.
Local cuisine: cheese, suckling pig, Carasau bread, soup lugurudese, malloreddus, bottarga
Wines: Bovales, Canonau, Nuragus, Moscato, Vermentino.

The itinerary
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The stops


Sassari is a charming city center, very pleasant in summer, where you can see some examples of secular buildings like the gothic cathedral with baroque facade, the Ducal Palace, the Tower of St. Anthony, dating from XIII century.

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In this town you can admire the remains of the Aragonese domain, especially in the historical center. A must for those who pass by here is a visit to Nuraghe Rugghiu, which houses some tombs dating back to the Copper Age.

In Cabras you can enjoy the beauty of the beaches, or stroll in the fine old town, and visit monuments like the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of St. John, built on an ancient pagan cemetery. Nearby, the enchanting archaeological site of Tharros.

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The XI century historical centre of Oristano preserves the majestic st. Christopher Tower. Also worthy of a visit are the Central Square Manno and the Archbishop's Palace, an example of architecture from the period of the domination of Piedmont.

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The capital of the region is interesting, among other reasons, for its baroque architecture, including the Cathedral, and the quaint district of Castello, where you can experience a medieval atmosphere.

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