Itinerary discovering the Veneto


An itinerary through the treasures of the Veneto, to travel by bike but also by car, among breathtaking landscapes and ancient villages rich in tradition and culture. From the Dolomites to Delta del Po, from Sile to Adige river, discovering a territory combining various natural environments with centuries of art.

Category: Nature, Sport
Length: 500 km on toll-free street
Means of transport: bike or car
Best on: Spring/Summer/Autumn

The Veneto, region of culture and traditions, hosts two world heritage jewels: the Dolomites mountains and Venice. But there is much more: the sea of Jesolo and Caorle, Abano, Montegrotto and Recoaro spa, mountains of Cadore, Asiago and Lessinia, hundreds of cities of artistic interest, Misurina and Garda Lakes. Don't miss a bike tour through Strada del Vino (wine route) in the areas of Verona and Treviso, tasting included!
Local Cuisine: Pasta e fagioli, Bigoli con l'anatra, Baccalà alla vicentina, Radicchio, Sarde in saor, Fegato alla veneziana.
Wines: Valpolicella, Prosecco, Soave, Amarone, Raboso.

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The Itinerary
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The Stops


(Cortina - Calalzo)

A cycle path on the Dolomites of the Veneto: starting from Cortina, along the stream Boite, you can see some of the most typical villages of Cadore, the home of glasses production, and of Boite Valley. After a visit in Pieve di Cadore, hometown of the painter Tiziano, you arrive in Calalzo.
Length: 34 km
Difference in altitude of: 420 m
Don’t miss: Pieve di Cadore, Cortina D'Ampezzo, Panorama of Antelao and Pelmo mountains from Borca.

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(Fanzolo - Portegrandi)

Sile river, with its great spring, is extremely important for production of Radicchio (red chicory), speciality of Treviso. After the visit to Castelfranco Veneto, the cycle path starts form Fanzolo, with Villa Emo by Palladio, and follows the river course through Treviso, Casale sul Sile and Portegrandi, near Jesolo sea.
Length: 91 km
Don’t miss: Castelfranco Veneto, Oasi di Cervara, Treviso, Sile river and burci (typical boats).

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(Padova, Stra, Limena, Noventa Padovana)

The circular path begins and ends in Padua, which hosts the ancient university and Sant’Antonio Basilica, pilgrimage destination. The itinerary, simple and flat, reaches the banks of Brenta and Bacchiglione rivers, and of Brentella and Piovego canals.
Length: 45 km
Don’t miss: Padua historic centre, Certosa di Vigodarzere, Villa Pisani - Stra.

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(da a Taglio di Po)

Also the fourth piece of itinerary is a ring path, this time in the Delta del Po landscape, with a breathtaking view, unique in Italy. In these area there are several naturalistic and cultural points of interest, along with patches of unspoiled nature. Length: 45 km
Don’t miss: Golene a Taglio di Po e Ariano, Ca' Vendramin paddy fields, Cà Mello oasis, Reclamation museum.

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(Rosolina - Badia Polesine)

You can start from Rosolina, with its fish cultures and go up the river Adige, which delimits the northern part of Rovigo province. The bank on the right is more suitable for cycle and pedestrian path. The National Archeologic Museum of Adria is worthy of a visit.
Length: 88 km
Don’t miss: Vangadizza abbey, Rovigo historical centre, Villa Badoer - Fratta Polesine, Porto Caleri Garden.

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(Lisiera, Cavazzale, Caldogno)

The main city of cultural interest in the itinerary is Vicenza, the city of Palladio, who created sumptuous villas all over the Veneto. Proceeding towards north, along with the beauties of the city, you can discover the enchanting Valmarana and Caldogno Villas, World Heritage sites.
Length: 40 km
Don’t miss: Vicenza historical centre, Madonna di Monte Berico Sanctuary, Casale WWF Oasis.

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(Vallonara, Marostica, Mason Vic., Nove)

At the feet of Veneto’s Prealps, the city of Bassano is the starting point of this part of the itinerary. You can visit the Alpini bridge on Brenta river and the Ossuary Temple. Not far you can reach Marostica, city of chess and delicious cherries.
Length: 27 km
Don’t miss: Bassano del Grappa - Alpini Bridge, Castles and walls of Marostica, Pottery Museum of Nove.

(Albaredo D'Adige, Legnago, Montagnana, Cologna Veneta)

The last part of the itinerary is the fascinating and romantic city of Romeo and Juliet. The path goes through Albaredo, Legnago and reaches Montagnana, beautiful medieval village. The itinerary ends in Cologna Veneta, famous for its delicious mandorlato (pastry with almonds). Length: 75 km
Don’t miss: Verona historical centre, Castle in Cologna Veneta, Montagnana medieval village.

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