Reiseroute Piemont entdecken


Today the staff of takes you to Piedmont, from Novara to Arona. A brief itinerary, but that will take you at the discovery of a very nice part of this region, among baroque churches and picturesque views of Lago Maggiore.

Category: Culture, Nature
Length: 55 km
Journey by car
Best on: Spring / Summer

The province of Novara, nearly an outpost of Lombardy in Piedmont, is perhaps less known than others, but it is extremely beautiful: among small restaurants to well-kept woods, it is really an area full of charm.
Local cuisine: braised donkey, agnolotti, paniscia (risotto with sausage and vegetables)
Wines: Novara Hills, Boca, Fara

The itinerary
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The stops


Novara is an enchanting city especially as regards chirch architecture: its Baroque churches are extremely popular and among them we can find the churches of San Marco and San Pietro al Rosario. At a civil level, Novara's Baroque has its most interesting building in the central Palazzo Bellini.

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Cameri is a fine town a few kilometers from Novara, where it is interesting to visit the parish church, and take a walk in the streets nearby.

In Oleggio it is interesting to take a stroll on the central streets, and discover the sacred and civil buildings, built from the Romanesque period to the Seventeenth century. Among those that deserve a visit there are the Clock Tower, dating back to the Romanesque period, and the Church of San Michele, where you can admire frescoes dating back to the Tenth century. From Oleggio you can then start your tour of the beautiful Parco del Ticino, one of the most important protected areas of northern Italy.

In Sesto Calende it is interesting to visit the parish church dating back to the Eighth century, and take a walk along the Ticino.

Arona is a small town, very pleasant to walk around. Places of great interest are Piazza San Graziano with the Church of Santissimi Martiri (Romanesque period), and Piazza del Popolo, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake. Just outside the city stands the massive statue of the patron saint, San Carlo (called San Carlone), that overlooks the city with its 35 meters of bronze going back to the Seventeenth century. Arona is a city to be discovered slowly, enjoying the lake breezes. Do not miss a break for a drink in one of the many bars that overlook the banks, or a stroll on the streets downtown, where you can chance upon small inns where it is possible to eat well at a small price.

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