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The coast of Romagna is one of the most important tourist areas of our country. Among clubs, great beaches and cocktails, there is also the chance to discover some artistic and cultural wonders. Today's itinerary will take you from Cervia to Cattolica, to discover a land of beauty and flavors.

Typ: Culture, Nature, Fun
Weglänge: 63 km
Fahrt mit dem Motorrad oder Auto
Empfohlene Jahreszeiten: spring, summer

The coast of Romagna is one of the most popular tourist destinations: every year it is chosen by people of different nationalities, who want to spend their holidays in the name of warm hospitality.
Spezialitäten Küche: grilled meat, piadina, homemade pasta
Wein: Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano

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Tourists visiting Cervia must not miss a trip to the historic center. The importance of this area is linked to the production of the prestigious salt: the houses in the town center were in fact built in the eighteenth century for saltmine workers, and can still be visited today in excellent conditions. Don't miss Torre San Michele, the Magazzini (recently restored and hosting every year art exhibitions) and the MUSA (Museum of Salt).

The town of Cesenatico has its most vibrant area at the harbor. Along this path, it is possible to find the best restaurants, and enjoy the view of the boats, which, with their futuristic sails create really evocative strolls. Always remaining in the port area you can find the birthplace of poet Marino Moretti, an outstanding member of the literary movement of Scapigliatura.

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Gatteo a Mare is one of the most important seaside resorts of the Adriatic coast. Quieter than Rimini and Riccione, this town is ideal for those who want to enjoy the tourist services of the region. Among the most important monuments there is the Malatesta Castle, which dates back to the thirteenth century, on the ruins of a Roman camp.

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A town of Roman origins, today it is a relevant tourist and trade center. It features some important squares and places to discover: people enter through Arco di Augusto (in Istrian stone), Piazza Tre Martiri (once the Roman forum), Piazza Cavour (a settlement in the Middle Ages) in order to finally reach Castel Sismondo (dating back to the 15th century) and the Tempio Maletestiano designed by Leon Battista Alberti, a famous Italian architect.

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Those who visit Cattolica can make a stop at Acquario delle Navi, one of the major theme parks of the Riviera. The historic center of the city is ideal for walking and enjoying a cocktail in Piazza Primo Maggio, famous for its picturesque fountains. Up to the 40s this area was called the Square of Sirens, and next to it the first bathing resort of the area was built in 1853.

Weihnachten auf dem Bauernhof
Weihnachten auf dem Bauernhof
Silvester 2020 auf dem Bauernhof in Italien
Silvester 2020 auf dem Bauernhof in Italien