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Today the staff of brings in Calabria, a region of great importance from the point of view both historical and scenic. The route that we propose starts this week and get from Reggio Calabria to Tropea. Calabria is a land where the best thing to do is leave behind any doubt and questions: with its parks, its sea-powerful, is always able to emotionally overwhelm the visitor, who will return home with the knowledge of having saw one of the most beautiful areas of Italy.

This is a truly unique experience to discover a land that, in scents and colors, is always able to give so much to the visitor who wants to make acquaintance with this part of Italy where life is still very much tied the rhythms of natura.Il route will touch a place in history like Scylla, to make a stop at Gioia Tauro, a real pearl from the natural standpoint. If you want to join us on this adventure, you begin to give un’occhiate the offers that we have selected for you.

The panorama of Portofino

The close Liguria is a land that offers so much to the visitor, which can not but be struck by the old fascination of this region, which has played and plays a leading role in the whole economic structure of our country.

The itinerary of this week we will bring from Genoa to Ventimiglia: a flight of most of the coast, the discovery of a culture deeply rooted in the territory: the land of Liguria is much more than a source of economic support, but a real cultural topos that has characterized and still characterizes the lifestyle of the inhabitants.

From Genoa, the city’s famous harbor and poignant songs of De Andrè, to Ventimiglia, a renowned tourist resort, we will take you on a journey from the beauties of Liguria. If you want to follow us staying in farm, look here!


The antiques markets are always very interesting opportunities not only to shop, but also for new cultural discoveries. For those who love the atmosphere of these events, we remember “Memorandia – Things tell” the market that takes place every second Sunday of the month at the charming village of Anghiari, in the province of Arezzo.

Remaining in Tuscanyevery third weekend of the month you can find an interesting flea market in Lucca, precisely in the area around  San Martino Place, made special by the presence of the Cathedral. Those who are located in Bologna can dream walking through the antique market set up in Santo Stefano Place, where more than 90 exhibitors offer visitors all kinds of wonder, from ancient books to vintage clothing.

In Milan, however, every third Saturday of the month the streets of the central area Brera become the kingdom of antique lovers, with a market made ​​even more extraordinary by the poetic location. If you love these atmospheres, you sure like even stay on a farmhouse, and do it at the best price with the offers we have selected for you!

Smartworking in Italy

Have you ever thought of working in smartwoking … in the midst of nature and the relaxation that Italian farmhouses can offer? You got it right, in many agritourism structures (there are 24 thousand in all of Italy) there is wifi connection for guests, therefore, you can easily stay in a farmhouse by connecting to the internet and working from magnificent locations, perhaps by the pool or tables in a garden surrounded by greenery.

We want to provide you with our list of farmhouses with wifi connection that lend themselves to smartworking; the advice is to consult the manager explaining your needs to confirm that this is the right farm for us. The farmhouses therefore not only for holidays … but also to work in the green!

Agritourisms in Abruzzo with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Basilicata with connection
Agritourisms in Calabria with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Campania with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Emilia-Romagna with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Friuli Venezia Giulia with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Lazio with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Liguria with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Lombardia with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Marche with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Molise with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Piemonte with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Puglia with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Sardegna with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Sicilia with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Toscana with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Trentino Alto Adige with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Umbria with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Valle d’Aosta with wifi connection
Agritourisms in Veneto with wifi connection

Easter it’s the best way for enjoy italians agriturismi! Come to Italy!

Easterin Italy is a huge holiday, second only to Christmas in its importance for Italians. While the days leading up to Easter in Italy include solemn processions and masses, Pasqua, as it’s called in Italian, is a joyous celebration marked with rituals and traditions.

Pasqua it’s the perfect moment for discover the italian traditions ance the amazing traditional cuisine.

To celebrate Easter, the italian agritourisms offer special packages with discounted traditional meals and accommodations.

Special offers and last minute are the best way for an Easter break in a typical farmhouse at exceptional rates. (about 60% of discount)

Many farmhouses offer experiences, horseback riding, spa and wellness packages, admittance to local celebrations and even opportunities to take part in preparing traditional Easter meals.

Farmhouse Ai Celtis

Choose your best agriturismo by region:

Celebrating Easter in an agriturismo is a unique way to ejoy the better italian experiences, wellness and la dolce vita .

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