Itinerary discovering Tuscany


Itinerary through the gentle hills of Tuscany, in the lands of Arezzo and Siena, to be covered on a motorcycle or by car. In the villages and towns where there is an air of history, the land speaks through the brilliance of the traces of the past. Absolutely necessary, then, the tasting of Tuscan cuisine, and its wines even more!

Category: Culture, Food and Wine
Length: 342 km
Means of transport: motorbike or car
Best on: Spring/Summer/Autumn

Among the most known and loved places, Tuscany is famous for its rich cultural heritage and is characterized by a unique but various landscape. It's impossible to get bored since it offers to its guests several opportunities: cities of artistic interest, spa, seaside, mountains... In addition to the most important cities, many smaller centres are worthy of a visit, some of them are perfectly preserved ancient villages.
Local Cuisine: Cantuccini, Bistecca alla fiorentina, Cacciucco, Lardo di Colonnata, Panforte, Ribollita.
Wines: Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Vernaccia, Sassicaia.

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The Itinerary
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The Stops


First stage of this tour of Tuscany is Poppi, dominated by the Conti Guidi Castle, a prototype of the famous Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. A visit to the Augustinian Monastery is worth, that houses beautiful terracotta works of Della Robbia. Sansepolcro still shows the evidence of its important past, from medieval times to the Resistance.
Don’t miss: Conti Guidi Castle (Poppi), Museum (Sansepolcro).

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Built in pre-Etruscan age, Arezzo became firstly a free town and then, through moments of decline, one of the major cities of Tuscany, as it is nowadays. Birthplace of the great figures of history, there are many civil and religious buildings to visit. Nearby Castiglione Fiorentino, with the remains of old city.
Don’t miss: Cathedral, Priori Palace, Vasari's Home, Tower of Cassero and surrounding area.

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Part of ancient Etruscan dodecapolis, Cortona offers an archaeological park that is worth visiting, and it is so beautiful that it has been selected several times as a movie scenario. The small village of Lucignano, however, preserves medieval buildings, surrounded by lush countryside.
Don’t miss: the Town Hall, Archaeological Park, the Medici Fortress, Collegiate Church of St. Michele Arcangelo and the square outside.

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Montepulciano, a medieval "S" shaped village, is enclosed within three circles of walls, all built in the 14th century; the famous DOCG wine label here produced is well known. Pienza is perhaps the most renowned place of the entire Val D'Orcia, a UNESCO world heritage site. Montalcino, however, is the birthplace of Brunello wine and home to the complex abbey of Sant'Antimo.
Don’t miss: Clock Tower, Cathedral of Pienza, Palace Piccolomini, Abbey of St. Antimo.

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An essential step of this journey is the famous city of the Palio, that has experienced its greatest spledour in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The magnificent Piazza del Campo and its surrounding buildings are just some of the treasures that the city still has, including monuments, palaces and religious buildings that make it superbly beautiful.
Don’t miss: Cathedral and Church of St Domenico, the Town Hall and Piazza del Campo, Basilica of St. Francis, The Metropolitan Opera Complex.

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You can see it even if you are not arrived yet, on the top of a hill, the little lovely Monteriggioni, with its perfectly preserved city wall and museum of the armors. Reaching the top (and the oldest part) of the town of Colle Val D'Elsa, the home of the medieval artist Arnolfo di Cambio, you can see some medieval buildings.
Don’t miss: Museum of weapons and armour, Path on the walls, the Palazzo Pretorio.

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The last stop on this tour of Tuscany straddles two provinces, Siena and Pisa, touching two neighboring and magnificent towns: San Gimignano, with its medieval towers that dominate the landscape. Then, Volterra is a beautiful Etruscan town, the heart of alabaster production.
Don’t miss: Historical Centre and towers, Spezieria of Santa Fina, Eco-museum of alabaster, Panorama of the 'Balze' (Cliffs).

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